Each student should start this module by setting up the Raspberry Pi and installing an operating system. It is required that the student documents the step-by-step instructions of how the OS was installed.


Project 5

Create a traffic light by using a button and 3 LEDs (red, green and amber). The traffic light should start when the user presses a button. When the red light is on a buzzer should beep constantly.


Project 3

Attach one button and two LEDs on the breadboard. Using python create a program that when the button is pressed, it asks the user to input an IP Address. The program should ping the inputted IP and if the response is successful a green LED should turn on. If the response is not successful a red LED should turn on.

Project 1

Attach one LED on the breadboard. Using python create a program that asks the user to input his name and year of birth. Store the values in two separate variables and print on the screen the following message: “Hello Richard, your age is 28”. An LED should blink relatively to the age of the person. Example, in this case it would blink 28 times. Use a loop.